Welcome to my website and blog about a variety of things, with a general focus on tabletop gaming. This is also a personal blog, so posts could be all over the place, but the general idea is to post about my experiences with board games, kickstarter, and custom things I’ve done to make my board games more fun to play or store.

My plan was to post twice a week, but that just doesn’t happen! My backup is to try and go with once/week with an update on various games and stuff I’ve played, and anything else of significance I feel like talking about ^^.


Societies I tend to attend:

Afternoon Play – 1st Sunday of each Month. Very social meetup that starts in a cafe and moves to a pub in the evening. Great fun although I keep getting there rather late to do much at the cafe which is a shame!

Bread & Games – 2nd Saturday of each Month. Also very social, this one has a normal location in an art studio which is absolutely great for gaming with it’s good lighting and open atmosphere. It was set in a pub a few times so I got out of the habit, but hope to start going again soon!

Halesowen Board Gamers – Every Wednesday. This is a really nice, frequent society that I’m very happy to have found. Set every week in an upstairs room in a pub (Which is actually very well suited for games, yay). Love that plays/scores are tracked for it too!

UoB Tabletop Society – Every Friday in Term Times. I’m not a student any more, but this society is great fun and as I used to be a student, I do know a good number of people there. Great fun and it’s nice to be around people roughly my age sometimes ^^.