Uni of B’ham Tabletop Society and Bread and Games! (12th & 13th December 2014)

My Top 50 Games (2014)

If you watch this blog via twitter, you’ve possibly already seen my top 50 list, if not, and you’re interested, have a link!

University of Birmingham Tabletop Society

Lost Legacy

As it was the last Friday of term for the Uni, we were set to change venue at around 7, and as such there wasn’t really time for any significant game on arrival. I broke out Lost Legacy though, as its’ a quick 5-10 minute game, and we ended up running 4 rounds, starting with just the flying gardens then shuffling in the starship cards when we gained a 5th player. I won, with 2 games won out of 4, with 2 of the others getting 1 win each. Its’ a really nice filler game, totally can’t wait to get even more decks to mix in ^^.

New Dawn

After moving to Nuffield, as I had no desire to join in the game of Battlestar Galactica starting up, I waited till we had enough for a game, and as there was 4 of us, suggested New Dawn. This is the second time I’ve got this to the table, unfortunately still with no MHQ’s (So Andrew’s Mobile Headquarters were yellow ticket-to-ride trains, perhaps less classy than the top-hats we used before, but still awesome).

We were pretty slow to start, with all 3 others at the table being new to the game (Andrew, Matt & Jay), but the ‘one-thing-at-a-time’ nature of the game helps to smooth out the complexity somewhat and by the 3rd year (of 5) people had about got the hang of it. I’d only played once before (And we had rules wrong for that), so we were all still in a state of ‘see what happens’ for the most part, although I’d picked up an ‘aid to the alliance’ card earlier than in the first game this time, seeing their value more, which naturally everyone else picked up on and copied doing ^^.

Moving on, I made a couple of mistakes, such as not taking opportunities to shift my MHQ’s when buying a new one (Such that I could get earlier captures in the next round), although this wasn’t much a problem as I kept being the last player anyway! The first player token in New Dawn rotates to the player with the least bases, and Matt, to my left, struggled a bit to get how to place them so he kept being first with me last =P. A couple of the others also missed opportunities where they could have placed MHQ’s better, but it all evened out.

Towards the end of the 3rd/start of the 4th round, I’d got myself set up to start scoring some decent points, and hopefully catapult from being on the least points to the front (Points are fairly tight, so being behind is generally not too far behind). At about that time, security came in for locking up, and we realised we had only about 10-15 minutes left. Our 4th round was done at lightning speed, and we finished part-way through it rather than finish off and create an angry security guard instead of a nice one. This was awkward for me, as I was set to score very good points on my next action! As it is, I came last, with scores something like 17-16-16-15.

Ok so not much happened this Friday, but I had fun, and I enjoyed New Dawn again, and looking forward to more plays, and of course to the stretch goals and metal credits arriving for it (And the missing yellow MHQ’s!).

Bread and Games


On Saturday, after a bit of a weird Morning where I woke up feeling like I was tipsy (No, I hadn’t been drinking the night before ^^) and spending a few hours just relaxing and wondering what the hell caused it, I invited my friend Chris (Handy) along to Bread + Games, a board games event near the centre of Birmingham. We turned up a bit late, but it wasn’t long before Tim came over and asked if we wanted to play something, then saw Myth and sounded excited about it. Naturally, Myth then became the first of the night.

I got everyone to pick their class before we started, as its’ just much easier to describe things with the mini’s on the board, particularly as each class is unique in some way so requires a small bit of explanation for each. We opted to try and start on a 12×12 tile, but drew a quest for 6×6 so put one out. We then read the rest of the text…and just got a bit confused. The quest had 5 crawlers starting on the tile, then running away unless we could catch them. They’d apparently run up to 2 tiles away, but the quest didn’t specify if those tiles are set-up normally, nor if the initial tile has normal set up…It was just weird, we drew again.

This time we got a quest that made more sense, so put out the 12×12 we’d been previously eyeing up. Lairs started with 3 extra minions to usual, and someone just needed to kill 4 enemies in one blow to succeed the quest (Done this one before actually, and it was way too easy, so..). Setting up the tile I chose to put out 2 lairs, one as orcs, and one as crawlers, and we got to work quickly with the soldier charging a line straight through 4 of them to immediately complete the (way too easy) quest.

People got the hang of what to do fairly quick, though Peter had an unfortunate initial couple of turns of not doing much (Curse of playing the archer, as you have to build up arrows or move into melee while being a very vulnerable class). What I should have made more of a point of, I realized, is that the lairs needed to die, and fast. By the time we realized, there was a swamp of minions between us and the lairs, and it looked like we were doomed.

A very sloggish session later, past our suicidal rogue Carl almost dying only to be saved by Handy the acolyte, we finally started on the crawler lair. In the meantime, Peter, who’d sneaked around to the left, decimated the orc lair solo with an Orion’s Tears (May use all ammo in one attack, 1 damage/arrow) and another attack. With both lairs dead, it was just a matter of time till we could have got everything cleared up, but decided to move on to other games at that point, as I don’t think any of us were feeling particularly incensed to carry on.

I think it was my fault for putting 2 lairs on the tile and perhaps a bit far away from us to be able to take out the lair fast enough for it not to drag. I am starting to worry about the games length a little though, particularly as I got the impression before I had the game that an act would be about 2-3 hours, but that’s how long chapters are taking (You do 1 chapter/tile, and an act is multiple tiles in general). I really hope I can get a group down enough with the mechanics for things to speed up though, as I’d love to start exploring the acts, stories and character progression parts of the game!

Smash Up

We played 2 games of this. For the first game, we just did a ‘grab a couple’ run at the factions, as I wanted to grab a couple monster smash ones to try (I went with Vampires and Mad Scientists), the new player to the game Josh got Dinosaur Somethings and Caz (I have no idea if that’s how I’m supposed to spell that..), being about as Brutally ridiculous as you can in Smash Up, went with Zombie Robots. If you dont’ know Smash Up, follow this link and scroll down to the second to last post, and check their ratings =P https://boardgamegeek.com/article/17686416#17686416

I’d tell you about all the drama, except it was just one ridiculous robot combo after another and an early mall crawl for the zombies to get the tenacious Z’s out. Caz won something like 15 to 4…

The second game was a bit fairer, and saw Neil joining us. I played Super Spy Werewolves, Josh Shapeshifting Geeks, Caz Dinosaur Bear Cavalry & Neil was Alien Elder Things. I got off to an awesome lead, making good use of the Werewolf temporary boosts to net 9 points before anyone else hit 5. Sadly for me, the result was I had about 4 or 5 turns in a row trying to get a mininon down and getting it thrown off the base I was trying for each and every time (The base was ‘Before this base scores, reveal the top card of your deck, if its’ a minion, play it here’, which is great with Spies as they get to fiddle the top cards of their deck).

In the end, Neil managed to grab the win with an epic combo where he dropped 2 Shoggoths and some other power boost onto a base to solo cap it with the crazy burst of power he had on the base. I wasn’t expecting to win, but I didn’t see it coming for sure ^^. I did get to have some good fun through the game though, as I managed to use Spies to get rid of both Caz’s King Rex (The best Dinosaur Card) and Neils Elder Thing (The best Elder Things card), funnily enough also messing with Josh, as his Mimic’s could have been very powerful with those minions in play ^^.

I had a really good night, and I think Chris did too (He was playing a game with very…black and white…art, ‘Cave Evil’ I believe, while I was in Smash Up). I got to chat to Jenny for a bit, and Greg, who I really want to meet up with sometime for a game of Wizard Academy. There’s some really fun people to play with at Bread and Games so I really should try to go more often (Though Saturday has a tendency to clash with other stuff =P).

Till Next Time, Play More Games! (Yeah I’m quoting Tabletop, =P)

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