China – Part 1

Right, so I meant to post these ages ago, and I never quite got around to it. A friend asked me about blog posts though and it seems a good idea to throw them up!

I actually wrote them on my trip to China in February, which was an utterly awe inspiring experience, and one I’ll never forget.

(Also – Disclaimer: I took pictures for lots of these which may or may not be attached, sorry if it doesn’t make total sense ;P)
(Disclaimer 2 – I wrote these on a phone, so there’s probably millions of little grammatical errors I was/am too lazy to fix ^^)

Day 1 and 2 are together, ’cause I actually got around to talking about the flight for the second post. Although that also means I say practically nothing about what I did with the day – Probably lots of being very shy about going anywhere (I can’t wait to go again, much more confidence in travel and I’m a bit better at 中文 now, though I’m still pretty bad).

Post 1 (Day 1)

The view outside my window. I’ve not achieved much today! I spend something like 2 hours just to buy a phone (I don’t have my phones unlock code because I’m an idiot). I had a bit of a nap and followed up by going for a walk down Wangfujing street to get food..and failed, as the people trying to convince you to go somewhere with them were many, and I got a bit panicky..soooo I found a newsagents and day 1’s food is a pack of prawn crackers… I hope I do better tomorrow when its light and I haven’t had an hours sleep in 30 hours (I fail when it comes to sleeping on planes ^^). I’m thinking I should have worked out a tour guide for the whole trip though, alone is..overwhelming.

Post 2 (Day 2, Kinda)

[Picture of my bag of PG tips tea I took along, not that it got used more than a couple times, Chinese tea was a way better option when available)
Yep, that’s just PG tips, cause screw paying £5 for a hotel cup of tea ;). I forgot to write about my flight yesterday. The longer flight I didn’t talk much, but the short one to Amsterdam I sat between 2 中国人 (Chinese). Catherine on my right spoke English well, but Aili on my left only knew how to say she doesn’t speak English. I mostly talked with Catherine, but I put Chinese into what I said when I could, and Aili understood what I said when I did! :). Aili was going all the way to Beijing, and I walked with her to the gate for the next plane (as English signs are not helpful for people that don’t read English!), before she met with a Chinese girl she recognized, so I parted ways and went for food. We met briefly at Beijing airport too, as I was looking very lost and she pointed where I should go. I was able to find Tina, my tour guide (from Wednesday my tour starts, but they arranged picking me up from the airport) who helped me to the hotel and I spoke about the rest already. It was really nice to meet them both, and the Chinese girl next to me on the 2nd flight too (though she slept most of the flight, and I was feeling too tired for conversation ^^). Anyway, I should probably go and do things, 11:50 and I have not left the hotel!

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