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Weekly Update #3 – Halesowen Boardgamers, Dragoons Den & Other

What? This is 2 weeks after the last update? Heresy, you shall be slain for such accusations…Oh wait, yeah I missed a week, but noone’s reading this blog anyway =)

Sunday 15th – Dragoons Den

I first-timed another board game group since my last update, called ‘Dragoons Den’ which is set up in the Moseley all services venue in er..Moseley. I’ve not really been sure whether to go as I haven’t heard many people bringing it up and I also haven’t been able to reach it until I recently got a car. My girlfriend Grace went home to Brighton for a couple of weeks (I’m going to visit tomorrow!) on the 14th so I had nothing to do on Sundays which I usually reserve for spending time with her – This seemed like a fun alternative.

On arrival there was a group started on ‘Black Gold’ and a group who’d just finished a game and were happy to invite me over for something instead of whatever their other plan was (I think they had a game lined up which was 4p and I made it 5). We had a few games of Coup, which was my first time playing and which turned out to be very easy to pick up. I’ve come to realise recently that I don’t find myself overly fond of deduction games despite a frenzied interest a short while back, as I like to be able to sit back and well, have some privacy I guess (Despite being in a game,’s weird), but in these games people are eying you up and asking you questions and I don’t always respond as I should. Anyway Simon won the first and last game, with me getting a neat victory on the second pretty much by being my quiet self and noone paying me much attention ^^.

Afterwards we played Euphoria, with a full complement of 6 for the first time! It was a lot of fun and while I didn’t win, I’m super happy to have gotten another ‘player count’ in of the game, as it takes me closer to feeling I can give it a good review. I’ve done a session report here:

Line Dice, Zombie Dice & Timeline Run Through + Shelves

On the 16th I was mostly occupied but found some time to do a run through video of some shorter games. I’d prefer to have done something bigger, but from experience with the Euphoria one I’ll need lots of time for trial runs before I get it done, and this seemed a nice option. I also did a ‘shelf porn’  walkthrough with short descriptions/comments on each of the games on my shelf.

Halesowen Board Gamers

I made a second visit to the Halesowen board gamers group on Wednesday evening, although this time my friends were already home for Christmas so I went along on my own. There were 6 others at the event and all were in games as I arrived. Thanks to a remarkably short game of Zombicide (Half an hour, they died :P) I was able to join 2 people and play a couple of games.

First up was Small World Underground, which I’ve not played in 6+ months I think. It was a lot of fun and I’m glad it was suggested, as I’ve shied away from this game for a while as noone really seemed to want to play, happy to see that view challenged. I lost, as I stuck to my Mummies the entire game and never used their power (They’re just cool!), with mike coming first & mark in second.

After that we looked for something a little shorter and after having a couple of other suggestions I noticed Carcassonne and had a sudden burst of desire to try it out. There was a good reaction to that though as apparently it’s a well liked game and the others were happy to play. I don’t really know how to say what my tactic in the game was, but I got a huge area with a farmer in and netted plenty of points from it to stop myself being too far behind the others. In the end Mike had 100-something, Mark 94 & me 89. Looking forward to playing again sometime in the future!

So this week hasn’t been quite so game-filled, and to be honest I don’t know where my times gone. Yesterday was a bit of a shambles which I shan’t bring up for now, but nevermind ^^. Christmas is less than a week away and tis’ time to get into the Christmas Spirit.

I probably won’t be posting again till afterwards…so

Weekly Update #2 – Halesowen Board Gamers & Euphoria

So, in the first 8 days that I’ve owned Euphoria, I’ve played 7 times. I think that’s definitely the sign of a great game! In this post I plan to Summarize how they’ve gone, mention a few other games played and generally cheer that I found a new tabletop society to go to on Wednesdays!

Back on Wednesday last week I got my first couple of plays done in the evening. Some friends came over, so we have me, Chris, Chris & Adam. Or by initials CJS, CJH, CJH…Er..Me, Handy, Harrison & Adam, lets go with that. I got explanation out of the way pretty quickly and we got into our games and had a lot of fun. Adam found a great tactic quite early and managed to pull ahead with his Icarus allegiance and win the first game. In the second game things felt a bit tighter with us knowing rather than guessing what we were doing, Harrison managed to make good use of recruits and take the lead. I had ‘lose a worker’ recruits in at least one of the games and well, losing a worker hurts!

On Friday I went along to the UoB tabletop society for just the 1 game of Euphoria before I headed back home to join friends who wanted to play Battlestar Galactica. In the game of Euphoria I got asked a lot more questions this time, which I think was because my thematic explanation was a bit fractured and made people ask a lot of questions about it, which is a bit frustrating when it doesn’t actually affect the game. Anyway people had a lot of fun and Ian commented that he wants to play again sometime (Harrison won again, as he was about too and enjoys the game ^^). The game of battlestar galactica afterwards was quite fun, but to be honest I find the length of the game too much, when you consider how heavy the landslide is when the second round of loyalty cards goes out – I don’t enjoy going from ‘a chance’ to ‘haha you’ve lost’, but what can you do…:(

I had another game of Euphoria, this time with 2, on the 7th. I had a lot less fun this game but fortunately I managed to work out the reason afterwards which was an incorrect rule! We were doing the markets wrong so they weren’t really contestable, which meant the winner of the game was obvious a long time before the end and took out all the tension. No problems as correcting the rule makes it better. In the evening me, Grace, and my housemates Ken & Ruth had games of Dixit (Ken Won), Timeline (Ruth Won) and Love Letter (Ruth Won), there’s not much I can say about these as they’re pretty straightforward games, but we had a lot of fun!

On Sunday I played games of Legendary & Forbidden Desert with Ken in the day, and Euphoria 2 player with Grace in the evening. Forbidden Desert we absolutely kicked ass, winning with no worry of things going wrong at all (I didn’t even have to visit a water location, thanks to finding a canteen along the way). In Legendary we beat up Mephisto despite his valiant efforts to open Portals to the dark dimension, with Ken punching his face a few more times than me and taking the victory. With Euphoria in the evening I won the first game, as a result of Grace missing a rule that I didn’t pick up on (How the numbers on commodity locations work). The game after Grace took victory with me not too far behind, so at this point I’d pretty much lost 5/5 as I discounted the game before where only I knew how to play properly ^^.

On Monday/Tuesday I did something related to board games but not playing them! I recorded a ‘run through’ of the game in the hope that people can watch it and learn to play the game – Something I much prefer doing as opposed to reading rulebooks (Well, I read those too, but it’s hard to match rulebook to actually playing sometimes ^^). Monday was just a few failed attempts, and on Tuesday I got a whole video recorded (40 minutes!) with just a couple of breaks when people came into the room as I couldn’t bring myself to keep going when that happened ^^. I got the video posted overnight and some great feedback from the Euphoria forum on boardgamegeek yesterday, positive feedback in fact! I’m so happy that people liked the video as now I’m super-motivated to do more.

Halesowen Board Gamers

Well, this wasn’t any longer than any of the other sessions I had, but this is a new society I came across that I’m quite excited about! This group meet up every Wednesday evening in an upstairs room in a pub, which is really well lit and has lots of room, not to mention being remarkably quiet. I’m so glad to have found it and taken the chance as being a pub I was unsure ^^.

I took Grace & Harrison with me as I love playing games with them and partly because I wanted people I know there for confidence reasons ^^. I had Euphoria with me so I suggested that and after a short while found a couple of people to join me and Grace for a game while Harrison went off to play Power Grid (Which I believe he enjoyed). I got a bit focused on my own strategies in Euphoria to know what the other 3 were going for, but with a recruit that let me use any resource for construction sites I focused on construction of markets. As a result I made a lot of use of the Euphorian tunnel and had a beautiful stack of gold to work with. Thanks to limiting other players actions by the market negatives I was pushing out, and perhaps by finally having grasped the way the game works, I took the victory by a few points lead!

Afterwards me, Grace & the other 2 (James & Jamie I believe was their names) played a game of King of Tokyo as we needed something fairly quick to fill the time. While the others tried to balance going into Tokyo and getting other things, I just sat back and went for points with no idea if it was a good plan. Apparently it was, as after 20 minutes or so 2 of the other players had wiped themselves out, with the last being in Tokyo with 2 health. For the first time in the game I just went straight for damage and got the 2 I needed to take the win. Yay!

Fun Week! I hope things continue being this packed with gaming ^^.

Weekly Update #1, Afternoon Play, A Table & Euphoria!

Not that anyone reads this blog, but I think I need a better name for general updates than tagging them all as ‘random musings’, lets go the boring route and call it ‘Weekly Update #X’ =)

So what’s happened in the past week? A few things actually, resulting in my being a bit lacking in sleep! I really need to get a handle on the fact that knowing I need to be asleep by 10pm doesn’t make the early hours of the Morning an ok substitute.

On Thursday I went out into Birmingham for my friend Emma’s birthday. I met up with people in the Christmas market for food, beer and merriment! We had lots of fun and after a while headed to ‘The Brew Dog’ where I’ve not been before, but is a cool place with lots of interesting beers. Too many beers, and confusingly not sold in pints, why do places sell beers in halves/thirds, that’s just wrong! It was lovely to see some people that I’ve only met up with once or twice in the past year, and a couple of new people too, great night!
Friday I went to the University of Birmingham tabletop society after work, taking along a handful of games to play. A few of us got together and played a game of Quarriors (I think I won, yay!), although that was all as I went for an early night with my lovely gf.

Sunday I went to Afternoon Play with Grace, where we met up with one of Grace’s housemates from last year and a couple of his friends (One who I had met and one I hadn’t). It was quite nice to go to the event and play board games with people I don’t see very often ^^. On arrival we played a game of Resistance: Avalon with 10 players (Which we lost..I need to speak up when I think a mission is dumb rather than just vote no..). We then moved to a pub from the cafe (Same society) and played Frag and Byzantio. The former of which is a quake-3 style board game which seemed heavily based on luck, and the latter is one of my games that I was wanting to play more, with hidden information and area control. Awesome night!
On Monday I didn’t seem to find time for much asides from a trip to IKEA with my housemate Ken. It’s the first time I’ve been there and to be honest, I’m disappointed nothing caught my eye ^^. The trip was to buy a table though, which Ken took care of, so we headed home with the lovely new flatpack of the table to build that evening. Of course we then realized we didn’t have a screwdriver (Asides from one on a gerber multitool which wasn’t good enough). We gave in and had a game of zombicide on the upside-down tabletop on the floor, as we’d already decided we were going to play a game on the new table ^^.

Last night I went to my parents for dinner and to pick up a delivery. That delivery was Euphoria, a game which I’m super excited about and can’t wait to play (Hence going and fetching it ^^). I also picked up a few screwdrivers so we found some time to put the table together too (Yay!). Unfortunately there wasn’t enough time to play a game, but I did get the components out to have a look, they’re so pretty! Love the stretch goal upgrades ^^. The plan is to get it played this evening, which a few friends are coming over for. Now we just need to get some chairs for the table…hmm ^^ (They’re so expensive though -_-)

So that was my week! Not bad I think, but I do need to try and get more sleezzzzzzzZzzZzzzZZzzzZz…