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Changes Part 1 – Games & China

Right, I’ll try to keep this fairly short.

I’m going through really big changes in my life at the moment. One of the big things I’m trying to figure out is what really makes me happy, and I have my doubts that games are really one of those things. The problem comes down to the fact I want ‘real’ experiences, life experiences, ones with people of all types and of unique opinions and takes on the world. Video games don’t provide this, and I’ve cut them out and I feel much better for it.

Board Games are a little different. I got into them a couple of years ago because it opened up social opportunities where I felt comfortable. I met lots of new people all of a sudden, I was happy, I even met a girl I fell in love with through them. But…that stopped being the case quite a while back – I fell into a routine where I just went along and saw the same people every week, and I didn’t notice that it had stopped putting a smile on my face.

So…I feel a bit lost. I’m still happy to have the board games I own, and I still hope to use them to meet people, but I don’t think I want to go to regular games events any more. I’ll still go to games things from time to time, but it’ll be for the people, discussions and opportunities that might provide, and not to kill time as it has been.

So why am I posting this?…Well, because I think this means me posting a blog is going to be less regular, and about unique experiences I have, not just ‘this week we played X, Y & Z.This weekend, I’m going on a 3 week trip to China. I’m kind of terrified, because I’ve never gone on a holiday alone before, and I’m going to be closer to the person I love than I have been in months, yet unable to see her (For anyone that doesn’t know – we broke up), as I feel I’ve had my chance and ruined it. That wasn’t how this paragraph was meant to go…take two.

This weekend, I’m going on a 3 week trip to China. I’m extremely excited, as I have some parts on a tour, some free-form and a part where I get to meet with someone I know (My language tutor), and its’ going to be fantastic. The tour ended up being private, as apparently February isn’t a particularly warm time of the year to attract tourists, which means I get one on one time with a guide for many days, which will be fun for learning Mandarin. Other than that, I don’t know much, but I hope I have the courage to talk to many Chinese citizens and learn a lot, as I’m rather hoping this will be a precursor to a longer visit somewhere down the line.

For anyone who’s interested, I’ll be going to Beijing from the 2nd to 7th, be in Xian 7th to 10th, Chengdu 10th to 14th (Where I get to meet up with my language tutor!), Guilin 15th-16th, then back to Beijing until the 21st in the swanky ‘Hotel Prime Wangfujing’ (Which has a pool, yay!). So be sure to ask me about these places when I’m back, as shy though I may be, I’m sure I’ll want to talk about it to all the people =)

And this is me, signing out, until some-time in the future, to talk about China, or some other trip that I hope to go on (I rather don’t want to let any weekends go to waste any more, not when I could be travelling to hostels ^^).