Weekly Update #3 – Halesowen Boardgamers, Dragoons Den & Other

What? This is 2 weeks after the last update? Heresy, you shall be slain for such accusations…Oh wait, yeah I missed a week, but noone’s reading this blog anyway =)

Sunday 15th – Dragoons Den

I first-timed another board game group since my last update, called ‘Dragoons Den’ which is set up in the Moseley all services venue in er..Moseley. I’ve not really been sure whether to go as I haven’t heard many people bringing it up and I also haven’t been able to reach it until I recently got a car. My girlfriend Grace went home to Brighton for a couple of weeks (I’m going to visit tomorrow!) on the 14th so I had nothing to do on Sundays which I usually reserve for spending time with her – This seemed like a fun alternative.

On arrival there was a group started on ‘Black Gold’ and a group who’d just finished a game and were happy to invite me over for something instead of whatever their other plan was (I think they had a game lined up which was 4p and I made it 5). We had a few games of Coup, which was my first time playing and which turned out to be very easy to pick up. I’ve come to realise recently that I don’t find myself overly fond of deduction games despite a frenzied interest a short while back, as I like to be able to sit back and well, have some privacy I guess (Despite being in a game,..it’s weird), but in these games people are eying you up and asking you questions and I don’t always respond as I should. Anyway Simon won the first and last game, with me getting a neat victory on the second pretty much by being my quiet self and noone paying me much attention ^^.

Afterwards we played Euphoria, with a full complement of 6 for the first time! It was a lot of fun and while I didn’t win, I’m super happy to have gotten another ‘player count’ in of the game, as it takes me closer to feeling I can give it a good review. I’ve done a session report here:


Line Dice, Zombie Dice & Timeline Run Through + Shelves

On the 16th I was mostly occupied but found some time to do a run through video of some shorter games. I’d prefer to have done something bigger, but from experience with the Euphoria one I’ll need lots of time for trial runs before I get it done, and this seemed a nice option. I also did a ‘shelf porn’  walkthrough with short descriptions/comments on each of the games on my shelf.

Halesowen Board Gamers

I made a second visit to the Halesowen board gamers group on Wednesday evening, although this time my friends were already home for Christmas so I went along on my own. There were 6 others at the event and all were in games as I arrived. Thanks to a remarkably short game of Zombicide (Half an hour, they died :P) I was able to join 2 people and play a couple of games.

First up was Small World Underground, which I’ve not played in 6+ months I think. It was a lot of fun and I’m glad it was suggested, as I’ve shied away from this game for a while as noone really seemed to want to play, happy to see that view challenged. I lost, as I stuck to my Mummies the entire game and never used their power (They’re just cool!), with mike coming first & mark in second.

After that we looked for something a little shorter and after having a couple of other suggestions I noticed Carcassonne and had a sudden burst of desire to try it out. There was a good reaction to that though as apparently it’s a well liked game and the others were happy to play. I don’t really know how to say what my tactic in the game was, but I got a huge area with a farmer in and netted plenty of points from it to stop myself being too far behind the others. In the end Mike had 100-something, Mark 94 & me 89. Looking forward to playing again sometime in the future!

So this week hasn’t been quite so game-filled, and to be honest I don’t know where my times gone. Yesterday was a bit of a shambles which I shan’t bring up for now, but nevermind ^^. Christmas is less than a week away and tis’ time to get into the Christmas Spirit.

I probably won’t be posting again till afterwards…so

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