Halesowen Board Gamers & UoB Tabletop Society…& Pathfinder…& Afternoon Play (01/10 – 05/10)

I hope you’re ready for a super-lazy post…I just haven’t found time to flesh out some stuff so there’s a mix of ‘written up’ and ‘drafted’ stuff here…But its’ got to get posted sometime and this is getting on 2-3 weeks old of a post…

Wednesday – Halesowen

On Wednesday 1st, I took a recently received game along to Halesowen, Xia: Legends of a Drift System. I kickstarted this sandbox space game a while back, interested in having an epic-scale ‘Heres a space-ship, go have fun’ style game, particularly one that’s not just ‘There’s a space-war, ’cause reasons’. The games designer Cody was so enthusiastic throughout the campaign, and so dedicated, that I had absolute trust in his delivery of something great.

Its’ a tad over a week since the game and I can’t remember it properly, but we played with 4 of us. Ian stormed off to an early lead, but made a fatal mistake when he pushed into a corner of the map away from the planets trying to do missions/exploring, and lost the energy he needed to get back. Myself/mark followed similar trade/mission strategies & I kind of forget what the last player was up to (I think it was Steve, sorry I should really remember!). I was struggling early on, but after I managed to get a few upgrades on my ship I started following the merchants trade route and trying to pick up any mission that I could do without going too far off course. This turned out to work wel, with my taking the win!

Aaand laziness time, in the rest of the game, Ian managed to screw himself by going way too far away from the planets and de-energizing himself in a nebula, and I managed to catch up then jump into the lead for a win by a mix of trading/missions. Hoorah =p

Friday – UoB TT

On Friday, seeing as the new year at Uni has started, I figured that the tabletop society¬† would be continuing late into the evening, and decided to make my way over after work. I miss going along, but its’ a gamble as to whether people stay late enough and it often isn’t worth the wasted journey, but sometimes its’ nice to try ^^.

In any case, I took along a load of games (Xia, DoW, Belfort, AtS, Voluspa, Hanabi, etc..) to make sure I had something to interest a variety of people, parked way too far away (~20 minute walk, ok so not that bad…but heavy bags!) and went in to find a pretty darn full room of gaming taking place, hooray! Can’t say I did much for the first hour or so asides from food & conversation, but it was nice to be around fun people I don’t see often as well as meeting some of the new first years. I did have a quick game of Hanabi with Ben, which we won getting to 18 points, but (curse you fab) we had to vacate the building at 8, and headed to the learning centre to get into an actual game.

So, upon seeing I had Dead of Winter a couple of people (Ben, Ellis) had expressed interest in playing, so we got that out immediately at our new venue. Noone else had games with them (Aside from some playing tcg’s on the other side of the room) so I also got Hanabi out for the 5 people not in DoW.

Of course, noone knew how to play, except for Ben as I’d played a little while before, but he was in the Dead of Winter game… ^^. I ended up giving about a 1 minute very rushed hanabi explanation before moving back to teach Dead of Winter which was going to take much longer. Perhaps surprisingly, the hanabi table ‘seemed’ to know what they were doing from there on (I forgot to mention..the rulebook is in german =P), so hooray ^^.

Oh jeez…I would have stopped there when writing this one… I remember we had a lot of fun with the game, one of the more energetic experiences I’ve had with it even! We turned out to have no traitor, and were able to succeed at the main objective of the game. I have absolultely no idea what my secret objective or anyone elses were…left it too long to write this up!

Saturday – Pathfinder

Group headed to glassworks, Handy the priest introduced and comes along. Seen by public, but left to it after they saw the horrors inside and fetched the town guard. Few of them left so left to adventurer’s to look within. Party breaks in around the beach side and goes straight to the death-room. Easily despatch goblins, and tsuto albeit slower.

Then they head town into the tunnels and find the catacombs. Handy nearly dies so they reset and go in again. More success this time, then they turn immediately toward the end-dungeon room. Get there ok and win easily against elysium, partly as they 2 shot the sinspawn and partly as I forgot to make her invisible.

They win and clear out the rest of the place, getting a couple nice things from the levitation room. Other things are handled quickly, including handy channelling energy to mass-kill the zombies. All a success and the scenario ends. (Yeah that’s right…this was a half-arsed one too, deal with it =P)


So um…then we played Coup 6 times. What? You want me to tell you how it went…no =P I won about half of them, the last game being the most fun as I lied through the entire game about my characters ^^. Really glad my friends enjoyed it!

Sunday – Afternoon Play

– Before you die, mr bond…
I guess if I was in the right mood it could be fun, but this is a bland game with some push your luck and a vague attempt at humour.

– Love Letter
First time played in a while, played a ton of rounds as were playing to 4 points with 4 players, which is a tad long for my preference (As that means up to 13 rounds which it wasn’t far off, good or not, the same thing 13 times over is lame)
– Pandemic
Also first time in a while. Had a blast jumping around the research stations. We lost being 1 action short of curing the last disease (Last player had the 5 cards required and had the last turn, but…aaah so close).
– Android: Infiltration

Pretty cool sounding in principal, but not a huge fan of the synchronous play in this one as it can mean one person doing something and the other not. I ran ahead just so I wasn’t sharing a location with everyone, never even managed to get many tokens from doing so, and got trapped in the building having achieved nothing. Meh.

– Dead of Winter
Finally, by request, DoW. We ran the ‘We need more samples’ scenario, and did it easily, though I had no chance doing my objective as others just spammed survivors and well..screwed myself helping out (Such as making noise to find a tool to fix a crisis rather than keeping the outsider I had drawn). Fun game, but ack..I so rarely win.

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