University of Birmingham Tabletop Society (5th December 2014)

Unusually, I actually ended up being quite short on what I wrote this week, ^^.

One Night Ultimate Werewolf

We had a couple of games of this, but nothing particularly memorable. It seems to be remarkably hard to get this game going  thanks to people liking normal werewolf games more in the group, rather than having multiple small games which is why I like this one. Amusingly in one game though, the minion claimed he was trouble-maker to try and put suspicion on himself, then the werewolf in the game also claimed trouble-maker having not realised it was already called. Had the minion just waited until after he might have gotten himself killed for the win, but it was not to be ^^.

Dead of Winter

Splintering into 2 groups, one group went for Battlestar Galactica (Y’know, the full opposite of ONUW ^^), so I suggested Dead of Winter, which while its’ similar in having a traitor element (At least, a ~44% chance of a traitor), its’ much faster and more involving, with the crossroads cards providing a narrative and flavourful characters doing the rest.

For a main objective, we chose the one involving dropping lots of barricades – 10 in the colony, 1 for each other location, to keep the zombies out! We ignored this for a while as we geared up, with me heading to the library and cycling through there for nice blueprints while others covered food and trimming the zombie numbers (In particular at the school, where we got the 1,2,3…Barricades! book that lets you place 1 free barricade a turn, and a Hammer from somewhere that lets you place 2 barricades instead of 1 with a barricade action). I had Mike Cho, the Ninja as a character too, though he was more of an errand boy running around to deal with crisis’ or deliver blueprints than a zombie-killer ^^.

Everything was going great for us, and we had a huge pile of food (Something like 3 or 4 times what we were using per year) and were still at 6 morale halfway into the game. Things started going downhill when I got an outsider, that turned out to be the Doctor, moved once and got bitten to immediate death with her. We soon dropped more morale down to 3 when another players survivor also got bit, followed immediately by a fellow survivor at that location also biting the bullet. To make things worse, we then realised that we’d still not got a huge amount of barricades out. Fortunatey we had a couple rounds left and it looked like we’d just about make it, even if we did skip out on Christmas Dinner!

Then, the crisis. The awful, awful crisis. A horde of Zombies found us, and unless we could find 4 fuel (Not long after we’d used all our fuel for a previous crisis/people foolishly keeping themselves safe with it while moving), then all of our barricades at the colony would be lost then 10 zombies would spawn there! The coin drops, we’re screwed – We spent the turn scrambling to try and find fuel, but only got either 1 or 2 out of 4, nowhere near enough. All our hard work was lost and the colony was swarmed, and with no chance in hell of both clearing out so many zombies and barricading so many times in a turn, we accepted our new brain-eating lives with great sadness. GG, Well Played Zombies.

At this point, with the group playing Battlestar Galactica on their second turn (Y’know, while we’d played an entire game), we had little time left (About an hour). I had a couple of games I wanted to play that would be roughly an hour, but the security in the building are pretty strict about the out at 11 rule, so we had to go for something quicker, and I broke out Tiny Epic Kingdoms.

Tiny Epic Kingdoms

Our first game I got Humans, John got Dark Elves, Rob Elves and Phil…I don’t know what Phil was in the first game actually, but it meant he could have 2 meeples in a region and gain a resource for both (Normally its’ 1/region rather than 1/meeple). John decided pretty early on to attack me, which was a failed attack costing us both a ton of resources, so he then attacked again costing even more, leaving us both hugely behind. Left alone with Elves and 3 forest regions, Rob straight up dominated the game, with there just being no way to get enough resources to attack him without removing ourselves from contention (Phil might have been able to, but John suiciding against me meant we were already both behind). Easy win for Rob through hitting magic level 5 (Which was kind of annoying, because I must have missed a research action somewhere which would have made me attacking Rob more beneficial to me and potentially worth doing (But probably not). Anyway grats to Rob for randoming elves…I mean for winning =P

In our second game, I was Goblins and well…I just didn’t seem to be able to achieve anything. Other players kept forming alliances rather than ever doing any damage to each other so they just steamed on ahead, while I just got my numbers trimmed down before I could achieve much. I was trying to push the tower more than others too, but just couldn’t push hard enough. I forget if Phil or Rob won, but I came 3rd this time around, attacking John on the last turn just so I could be in not-last place (I’m going to go with calling it revenge for his screwing us both in the first game =P).

Good Evening, though I wish I’d pushed harder to get New Dawn to the table, and I lost, a lot =P

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