Halesowen Board Gamers #10 (26/03/2014) + Sat 26th Games Day

Bit of a shabby post, & it’s a week late, but er…deal with it ^^. I’ll try and get the 2nd April halesowen writeup done a bit quicker ^^ (Where we played Euphoria, Love Letter & Resistance: Avalon)


Last Wednesday we chose… well, we took turns saying we didn’t want to pick for a while before I decided to go with Viticulture as it was getting the most glances! The players were Steve, Art, Lina & myself, with the addition of James who turned up a few minutes later before we’d started the game. Everyone but James was new to the game so I stuck to the original board and only had Mama’s & Papa’s included from the expansion pack. This module (Which I’ll never play without) provides variable starting conditions from the game, which helps to free up the board a little in the first year.

Now unfortunately I remember little about what people went for specifically in the game, as asides from being quite tired I was teaching and trying to make sure I’d given everyone correct information rather than remembering how they were going out things! Everyone worked out what they were doing alright, although we had a fairly long game of it. Almost everyone followed my lead on buildings in getting a cottage to get a hold of more visitor cards, while also trying to work on their wine orders. I did the same but I tend to try and have lots of variety in grapes/wine so that I will have what I need for future orders as well as current ones.

The game went by fairly straightforward, but finished with quite a spread on points. I think this is down to new players not being sure when to start switching from building up their vineyard to trying to capitalize on it for points. In the end I managed to finish up top with 24, James on second with 20 (Which is nice to see as I get the impression he feels some AP in Viticulture), Steve in 3rd, Art in 4th & Lina in last place, who had plenty of grapes/vine on their way but got cut off from having the time to use it to fill orders. I had fun as always and hope the others did too (Which I believe they did!). Apologies for the lackluster session report here though…

Random Saturday Games Day

On Saturday I planned to meet with a couple of friends for games. Our initial plan was to meet at the Universities guild of students, but we realized upon getting there that it’s shut for the holidays (Or for weekends at holidays at least). We fell back on playing at my house and gathered to start at around 4pm.

The first game of the day was Smash Up, pitting Ghostly Plants (Handy) against Ninja Zombies (Ed) and my Miskatonic University Bear Riding Team. I mostly struggled to keep up, and while I managed to get within a point of the others around midgame (8-9-10) I had no minions out at that point and couldn’t find opportunities to win bases. Picking Miskatonic turned out to be a mistake, as neither of the others were playing a faction that gave out madness cards I had a lot of wasted abilities. Handy used the ghosts well, finding many opportunities to discard himself down to few enough cards to activate special abilities (Something I seem to find nearly impossible with ghosts). Ed’s Ninja Zombies did a good job of being annoying, with constant whittling away of foes while not being able to lose minions himself (Well, not for long anyway). I can’t remember which of them won in the end, but it wasn’t me ^^.

Next up was Cutthroat Caverns, which Ed had brought along. Cutthroat caverns is a rather munchkin-esque game and has you playing characters fighting your way through a dungeon, while being sure to trust no one. The game is semi-coop, with players fighting the same enemies but competing to get the killing blow and steal all the glory (prestige). I don’t really enjoy this kind of game much but it got me to smile a couple of times and I took victory with the ridiculousness of temporary quad-damage (Yay one-shotting things).

I didn’t really want to force games on people, so I asked the room what they’d like to play next. At my reaction to his briefly pointing towards Munchkin Handy suggested that if I don’t want to play that we have to go with Quarriors…I’ll definitely take the dice spamming option! In our game Ed raced out into the lead early on, while I went for a ton of spells and Handy got lots of ghosts, which never seemed to come up on the creature side for him. Ed got very close to victory, but the power of a reroll spell and a death incantation held him one point away for a long while. In that time me & Handy got close (17-18-18 I think) before Ed’s handful of victory spell dice that he’d built up (He had 4 of the 5 available) finally hit the spell side without us having enough reroll spells to prevent it. Funny how I chose this over munchkin then we played stop the leader the entire game =P

The final game of the day was Legendary, as it had been briefly mentioned earlier and I knew Handy would stick around a little longer if I picked it over my other games ^^. We were fighting Kingpin, with a custom scheme of mine ‘Dream Corridor’ where the mastermind first builds in power, then rapidly whittles away the hero deck, killing off the players time to beat him. The heroes in play were Gambit, Wolverine, Nick Fury, Black Widow & er..Electra I think was the last. After the dickery and shenanigans of the last 3 games we played this very cooperatively, with Handy & Ed letting me build a Gambit deck and me leaving them the other’s where they were wanted. They both got a lot of bystanders and had a lot of points from keeping the villains & henchmen at bay, but the awesome deck-cycling built up from gambit meant I was able to win most of the fights against Kingpin and take the most glory home, but more importantly we kicked the bad guys ass ^^.

Cool week =)

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