Halesowen Board Gamers (05/11/14)

Not to bury the post about the weekend of games I just had, but because I got this mostly written last night and want to post before Dave does so he can link to this ^^. My account of Halesowen for 5th November 2k14 =)

Castles of Mad King Ludwig

To start off the night, while I was tempted to suggest Myth, I went with CoMKL as I understood Mike wanted to play. Of course we filled up all 4 spaces before Mike got involved, but I believe he got to try something else he was interested in (Imperial Settlers maybe?). Interestingly, Dave seemed to not be a fan and was fairly vocal as such, thinking suburbia as a better game. I think both are good, but Castles oozes theme while Suburbia is kind of bland on that front, and Castles is a touch lighter, making it appeal to me more as an individual ^^. I really like the fact the master builder arranges buildings too, as it gives you a powerful reason to care about what other players are building.

My starting bonus cards were..not overly pleasant. All were ‘Points for your rooms of size X’, so I had to have 2 of these, then a few turns in I completed a utility room and got…another ‘room of size X’, that’s 3 different rooms I wanted lots of, so no crossover of goals -_-. I tried anyway, and also aimed for the ‘most sq. ft of downstairs rooms’ goal (Which I was mainly in competition with Art for). I seemed to get very little built over the game, never taking a food room as I never felt they made a huge amount of sense for me (Particularly at the prices they were put at). Stan on my left ended up with a load, which is only really my fault for making them too low priced (There was 3 on turn 1, it was hard to price everything that was good out of range ok!).

From early on, Stan shot out into the lead. I ended up competing more with Art for 2nd place, while Suzy seemed to struggle a bit more, which I suspect is partly from too many turns passing and taking money. The end-game seemed fairly close, but I got barely anything for bonus cards (Again…yay for no being able to crossover the goals), so while Art didn’t get much either, he still won. Stan ended up on some ridiculous score out in the lead, so I’m thinking I’d better be more careful what buildings I leave to get bought by the player on my left next time!

Tiny Epic Kingdoms

Last game of the evening was Tiny Epic Kingdoms. When I suggested Tash’Kalar it looked like Suzy wasn’t interested and was set to leave, but changing to a less mathsy looking game seemed to keep her interested ^^. Art/Stan were both plenty happy to try this out too.

This time I was Valkyrie’s. They’re a really odd faction, as their core way of getting VP’s via magic is to quest your meeples onto your faction card, and leave them there achieving nothing unless you reach magic level 5. Rather than worry about trying to achieve that, I stopped at level 3 (A one off which makes all other players lose 3 resources) and concentrated on building up the tower and getting meeples out on the boards. I couldn’t quite keep up with Stan on the tower, but I was ahead of Suzy & Art (Art was way back, mostly ignoring the tower).

There was a lot more hostility in this game than some. With Art trying to deny Stan magic regions, and later in the game attacking someone to get a 3rd plains region (Which was worth a VP to him, though I thought it was 2VP). I counterattacked that to stop him getting the bonus (Again, thought it was strong than it really was, oops). Suzy, keeping pretty quiet, was able to rush 2 levels of the tower right near the end, slipping into a tied 3rd place with Stan on the year that 5 magic was attained triggering the games end. Unfortunately, while we could quest onto Stans regions to make him lose a VP (Meeples are 1vp each), we couldn’t do the same to Suzy as she’d smartly doubled up on her regions so they were non-attackable. The win went to Suzy, with me in 2nd on 14 (I did indeed attack Stan, as he had nothing to fight back with and it got me 2nd instead of 3rd =P), and Art in 4th (I really shouldn’t have wasted 4 magic denying him 1VP, he was about 4 behind :S).

Fun games both, had a nice evening! Looking forward to getting Myth/Tash-Kalar to the table, maybe next week ^^.

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