Halesowen Board Gamers (12/11/2014)

Oops, thought I’d posted this a few days ago! Well anyway…

Castles Of Mad King Ludwig

The way people grouped up on Wednesday left 4 of us to work out something to play. After some discussion, we settled on having a game of ‘Castles of Mad King Ludwig’ first, which I’d brought along. This is a fairly straightforward game where players build rather crazy castles, but need to keep a close eye on other players if you want to be able to do well yourself. (Due to the ‘Master Builder’ concept, I think I talked about it more in depth in the ‘games weekend’ post a few back).

In our game, I started out with rather annoying initial goal cards (Points for rooms sized 350, and points for rooms sized 200). This is awkward because you don’t get nice crossover (e.g. if you had ‘rooms sized 350’ and ‘sleeping rooms’, getting a 350 size sleeping room is awesome). So, I kind of ignored my personal goals and picked one of the public ones to go for, which was ‘most sq. footage of sleeping rooms’. I had quite a lot of fun with that as its’ easy to get more sleeping rooms out to buy from completing sleeping rooms. I also hoped to get most downstairs rooms, and after completing my first utility room (Which got me a goal ‘1 point per 2 complete rooms’) I aimed to complete all my rooms, counter to a public goal which was out for ‘most exposed doors’ (Which was a stupid idea, really).

Later into the game, I got denied pretty hard on the downstairs rooms and by the end it was a 3 way tie (all on 2 rooms). Dave’s Luxurious castle of Luxury net him an absolute ton of points, which noone really tried hard enough to deny (Too busy denying me from things -_-). A lot of sleeping rooms went down (I completed 2 or 3 and used those completions to put more out =P) leading to a slightly extended game, though I don’t know if I really helped or hindered myself by making that happen. I forget what Mark/Steve had as general themes, as nearing the end it was very obvious it was just Dave to watch out for (And too late in fact). Near to the end we got a great opportunity to deny him (He got to 0 money), and Mark as master builder put a discounted room in the 1k spot…which he wanted, nailing the coffin shut for the rest of us.

The game ended with Dave in first, me in a not particularly close second, and Mark/Steve somewhere further back still. (I wasn’t looking in too good a position till late, but got a good amount of points from bonus cards, though the ‘3 points per 350-room’ was worth nothing to me at the end…Like I said, multiple room-size ones are annoying (Barely any came out, though I should have fixed that with the sleeping rooms really – Got plenty of 200’s though). Looking forward to my next play already, really cool game!


This…I cared less about. As it was introduced, first I got ‘Its’ a bit like 7 wonders’ (Which I don’t much like, thought Among the Stars I love), then ‘Gangster Theme’ (Le sigh, gangsters are lame), and ‘A bit of take-that’ (Well…fuck). Anyway…

In greed, players start with a hand of 12 cards. Each turn, they may take one for their personal supply, then pass the rest to their left. From the 3rd turn onwards, after the above, they may play one of their personal supply cards, which are either Holdings, Thugs or Actions. Actions are one-offs and then discarded, thugs provide special abilities and ‘icons’, and holdings provide icons and gain markers for icons (So if a holding has a heart, and you also have a thug with a heart, you gain 2 markers, which are worth 10k for endgame).

I screwed up the first 2 turns as I took cards with requirements I couldn’t fulfill. I then just went for holdings for the game, while Mark went for Thugs and Dave/Steve a bit all-round. I might have been able to get a good score, but (Yay for take-that mechanics) lost a load of the markers from holdings near the end. I ended with 125k to ~150k from Steve, ~175k from Dave and ~185k from Mark, who won.

Its’ pretty obvious I’m sure, but really not a fan. Drafting is a nice support-mechanic, but needs something deeper (Like the tile-placement in AtS) to make a fun game with it for me. Plus, I struggle to care about gangster themes, as it involves acting out a lowlife asshole… (That said, I do admit I want to try Nothing Personal, but that’s because of the designer not the theme ^^). Anyway, I hope I didn’t spoil the fun too much for the other players, as I realise I should have excused myself before the game (I was tired anyway and left straight after).

Speaking of Among the Stars…I have pretty metal coins and more stuff for it now, got to get that played some more! =)

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